Tbilisi 6th International Dental Congress

On May 7-8, 2016, Scientific Research Center “Radix” organized Tbilisi 6th international dental Congress, which was held in “Hotel and Preference Hualing Tbilisi”.

261 Radix

The president of Radix, Nino Gvasalia, opened the congress and revealed the honorary members. In recent years the honorary members of Radix were:

  • Ketevan, MD, Ph.D. DMSc became the first honorary member of the Scientific Research Center Radix in 2009. Current president of Georgian Stomatological Association, Founder and Clinical Supervisor of  Albius Dental Center; Tbilisi,Georgia.
  • In 2014 an honorary member of the Radix became Tom Feeney. European President Elect at International College of Dentists, Delegate at Council of European Dentists. Past President of the Irish Dental Association. Dublin, Ireland
  • Also since 2014 our honorary member is Kseniia Lazarieva – Restorative Dentist of Sergey Randlinski Dental Studio “Appolonia”, Editor-in-chief of Dental Art Magazine “DentArt”, Doctor-instructor of “Prisma Championship”, Lector of Educational Center “Appolonia” Poltava. Ukraine.
  • Gintaras Janužis, DMD, PhD, Associate Professor at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Kaunas, Lithuania).
  • Zurab Gersamia, Head of Teeth Restoration School (Georgia)
  • Lali kochlashvili,Orthodontist, DMD, PhD Student(Georgia)

In 2016 RADIX chose 4 new members:

  • Tengiz Lobzhanidze, MD, PhD, Head of Georgian Stomatological Association Imereti Regional Organization
  • Sopio Samkharadze, MD, PhD, Vice president of Georgian Stomatological Association
  • Marika Zurmukhtashvili, MD, PhD Student
  • Eter Bakhtadze,Head of DENT-IVERI XXI – Dental  Educational Clinical Center

TIDC 2016

After the presentation of honorary members of the Radix, head of the Young Leaders Department Nino Nebieridze named the winner of students and residents section:

  • The favorite of the jury – Natia Mskhvilidze (“Albius” Dental Center)
  • The favorite of the audience – Lika Tsikarashvili (Dental educational clinical center ”Dent-Iveri XXI”)
  • The favorite of the participants – Lia Namicheishvili, Tatia Bartava, Tamta Ghongadze (Dental educational clinical center ”Dent-Iveri XXI”)

Besides, Georgian Stomatological Assosiation (GSA), Georgian Digital Stomatological Assosiation (GDSA) and International PerioSchool ALBIUS named their favorites.

The president of GSA, Ketevan Gogilashvili awarded the favorite of jury, Natia Mskhvilidze, with the free attendance voucher on GSA’s 12th International Congress. Also the publication will be published in ”GSAnews”.

The student of the Tbilisi State Medical University, Mariam Khardziani was chosen by the IPS Albius. She was awarded with the new book “Basic and clinical Periodontology”.

Also GDSA named their favorite – Tamar Matsaberidze, the resident of Albius Dental Academy. The vice-president, Nata Ramishvili,  awared her with the free attendance voucher on Dental photography master class, which was held in the framework of TIDC 2016.

Young Leaders Department picked the new members from the participants. These are the students of Georgian University, Ali Aljobory and Ahmed Abulwahab.

Radix thanks all educational centers for their participation.

Tbilisi 6th International Dental Congress

Scientific program was opened by the speaker of Albius PerioSchool, professor of Sapienza University of Rome, Roberto Rossi. The role of periodontology during creating beautiful smile, diagnosing and treatment conceptions of passive eruption seemed to be very interesting for the audience. Mucogingival surgery, its role during the gum recession and other surgical interventions were the issues represented by Eugenio Longo, who is periodontist, implantologist and oral surgeon in Italy. He is the supervisor of hands-on course in implantology and mucogingival surgery and the trainer at UNINOVE University, Sanpaulo, Brazil.

On the first day of the congress the presentation of new georgian book “Basic and Clinical Periodontology” was held. Scientific supervisor of Radix, Tea Nacvlishvili, who is also co-author, talked about the necessity of creating the book and explaned that the base of this book became the international classification, worked out on the International Symposium organized by ADA. United States and most European countries use it in their educational and clinical practice.

Aleksandr Bolichevski, expert of OrthoSnap, spoke about the non-invasive treatment in orthodontic patients with transparent aligners, difference, indications and the possibility of using Orthosnap aligners during treatment.

The second day of the congress was opened by the honorary member of Radix, Albius PerioSchool speaker, MD, Marisa Roncati. She spoke about the “Non-surgical periodontal approach in ≥ 6mm pockets”.

Ketevan Gogilashvili, MDSc, MD, PhD, Professor. President of the Georgian Dental Association (GSA) presented topic about the “Microbiological testing and antimicrobial therapy in periodontal practice – necessity and importance.”

Cooperation of Tengo Biniashvili and Ukrainian Yaroslav Stelmakh deserved the admiration of audience with the theme “Analysis of aesthetics and communication with the dental laboratory”, “Digital dental laboratory”.

Former president of “Radix”, the vice-president of GSA Zurab Alkhanishvili presented the new training program of DMS.

Olga Romanycheva, head of the laboratory of Ltd “Svoboda” developing and implementing company of oral health products, spoke about the “Tooth paste Parodontol and Disney baby as an effective tool for keeping  oral health.

Maxiofacial surgeon Guram Magradze, PhD, made his first report to Georgian collogues – “Treatment of fracture of mandible condylar process using biodegradable mini plates.”

“Practical use and aesthetic possibilities of dental composites” – Elvira Ureva, Dental technician of highest category, a lecturer of practical courses at the training center “Averon”

Congress was ended with the reports by “Radixs” board members – Tea Nacvlishvili and Gvantsa Tabaghua. Tea Natsvlishvili presented the debate on locally or systemically applied drug interactions and side effects. Safety versus efficiency “, Vice-President of Radix Gvanca Tabagua even – “Work Area Ergonomics in Dentistry”.

Dental materials and pharmaceutical companies participated in congress:

  • Pharmaceutical company “Gea”
  • President (LLC Audrey)
  • Dr. Theiss Naturwaren– Lacalut
  • Dental Georgia
  • Dentalmarketi
  • Alpha Dent (MIS Georgia)
  • Ltd. Euromedex France
  • Ltd. Saparus

Golden sponsor: Ltd. “Shevardeni”

Master classes were held within the framework of congress :

Tbilisi 6th Int. Dental Congress

| 9 May | “Dental photography – digital dentistry challenges” – Yaroslav Stelmakh (CAD / CAM specialist company SIRONA-‘s certified speaker, dental technician)

| 6 May | “Periodontal plastic surgery, modern concepts of diagnosis from surgery” – Roberto Rossi

| 9 May | “Non-surgical periodontal treatment methods. Indications, contraindications, and clinical protocols.  Peri-implantitis treatment of non-surgical methods “- Marisa Ronkati.

On May 6, in the framework of the Congress, at the “Ablius Dental Center” Italian company “RESISTA” made the presentation of implants.

RESISTA company was formed in 1946. It was originally produced and still produces technical materials. Today its products include as technical and restoration materials, either the biggest focus is on dental implants and biomaterials production.

The company presented the company’s implants RESISTA- entire range.

At the seminar, representative of the company in the field of implantology Antonello Rota, implants produced by the company reviewed and discussed the advantages of their use, and the size of the binding of different varieties. At the second block, Roberto Rossi and his own clinical cases of implant use .

The congress was closed by the vice president of RADIX Landa Lursmanashvili.

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