4th International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine

In October 15-16 the 4th International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine Society was held.  The congress was accomplished with different sessions and master-classes in aesthetic medicine. The speakers were invited from the world organization of U.I.M.E, the presidents of different country’s Aesthetic Medicine Societies, foreign professionals and Georgian doctors.

Tea Natsvlishvili

Within the invited speakers were the vice-president of the Scientific-Research Center Radix – Gvantsa Tabaghua and Tea Natvslishvili – the head of scientific department of Radix.  Dr. Gvantsa presented the report about the – “HOME BLEACHING TEETH WHITENING PRODUCTS: NEW STATEMENTS ON SAFETY AND EFFECTIVNESS”, that was focused on peroxides, their use as an active ingredients in tooth bleaching materials and important concerns related to patient examination and diagnoses. Dr. Tea presented the report about – “PINK AESTHETIC IN SMILE DESIGN” that was focused on the role of gingiva in smile aesthetics.

Gvantsa Tabaghua

Scientific-Research Center Radix wishes the Aesthetic Medicine Society great success and is ready for next cooperation.

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