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The goal of Radix is improvement of the level of knowledge in society about the latest achievements of medicine, Stimulation, supporting, realization and popularization of medical and practical work of young  scientists in the frames of regional, national and international level, supporting the integration of young scientists worldwide. Obtaining effective practice for youth  and improving the competence with popularization and  establishing new approach of non formal education. In addition to that, the main goal of Radix is involving future scientists in process, which includes organization and managing  and stimulation of research activities as well.

Forms of activities

Scientific Research Center RADIX is carrying out: Educative activities for young scientists in order to improve professional skills and qualification, scientific and  research activities,  collaboration with local and international organizations. Radix  is establishing regional representations all over the Georgia. Radix is  collaborating with private and public medical  organizations. The supreme body of the organization is board of administrators.


Radix’s activities have three directions-Radix works with children, students and scientists/practitioners. Radix is providing social projects which serves the formation of healthy civil  society. With supporting of Non formal education,  stimulation of scientific activities of students is provided. Radix is ensuring the permanent support of realization of educational projects for scientists and students as well.


Anyone who share the organization’s goals can become a member of the organization. A person who is actively supporting the organization’s activities, may be adopted as a honorable member by the decision of organization’s founders.

For more detailed information on membership, go to this link: http://radix.ge/membership/


Scientific research center Radix regularly collaborates with various organizations and professional associations. A memorandum of cooperation was signed with the following organizations:


2010 year- with Georgian Stomatological Association.


On October 2014, within Continuing Dental Education Program of the World Dental Federation, the International Conference  “Dental TBILISOBA 2014″ President of Scientific-Research Center “Radix” Nino Gvasalia and President of the Georgian Stomatological AssociationKetevan  Gogilashvili Signed an updated version of the memorandum.


In 2014 year,within the 4th International Dental Congress, framework of cooperation was signed with the Irish Dental Association (presented by  Dr. Tom Feeney. European President Elect at International College of Dentists, Delegate at Council of European Dentists Past President of  Irish Dental Association)


2014 year – Georgian Young Dentist Society (presented by  Society President Anna Gibishvili)


2014 year – Georgian Medical Association (presented by prof. Gia Lobzhanidze)

Honorary Members

The first honorary member of the Scientific Research Center Radix in 2009 became  Dr. Ketevan Gogilashvili., MD, Ph.D. DMSc,. current president of Georgian Stomatological Association, Founder and Clinical Supervisor of  Albius Dental Center; Tbilisi,Georgia.

In 2014 an honorary member of the  Radix became Dr. Tom Feeney. European President Elect at International College of Dentists, Delegate at Council of European Dentists. Past President of the Irish Dental Association. Dublin, Ireland.

Also since 2014 our  honorary member  is Dr. Kseniia Lazarieva – Restorative Dentist of Sergey Randlinski Dental Studio “Appolonia”, Editor-in-chief of Dental Art Magazine “DentArt”, Doctor-instructor of “Prisma Championship”, Lector of Educational Center “Appolonia” Poltava. Ukraine.RADIX honorary members

At Tbilisi 5th International Dental Congress RADIX honored 3 Honorary members:

– Gintaras Janužis, DMD, PhD, Associate Professor at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (Kaunas, Lithuania).

Zurab Gersamia, Head of Teeth Restoration School (Georgia)

Lali kochlashvili, Orthodontist, DMD, PhD Student(Georgia)

In 2016 RADIX chose 4 new members:

Tengiz Lobzhanidze, MD, PhD, Head of Georgian Stomatological Association Imereti Regional Organization

Sopio Samkharadze, MD, PhD, Vice president of Georgian Stomatological Association

Marika Zurmukhtashvili, MD, PhD Student

Eter Bakhtadze, Head of DENT-IVERI XXI – Dental  Educational Clinical Center

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