Conference on Public Health Risks and their Management

At the University of Georgia, at School of Health Sciences and Public Health, on the 16th of June there was held the first students’ conference dedicated to the 10th anniversary of School of Health Sciences and Public Health. By the School director Tamar Lobjanidze there were presented first steps of creating the School, its progress and development strategies. In particular, there were mentioned that nowadays the school is presented with all three levels of education in Healthcare (11 programs), 600 students, including foreign students, high level, academic stuff, developed infrastructure and international /research, exchanging/ collaboration. The school continuously develops Healthcare Management, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medicine and Public Health programs within an international collaboration.
There was presented English scientific journal “Caucasus Journal of Health Sciences and Public Health”.

The attendees were welcomed by UG chancellor Konstantine Topuria. The head of NCDC Amiran Gamkrelidze made a speech, were he estimated activities, the role and the place of the School. School graduate, Master of Public Health, Tamar Sirbiladze, the Professor of Mississippi and UG Universities, Zurab Guruli, young Doctors and students also gave a speech.
At the plenary Session Professor Zurab Guruli presented an actual problems and basic aspects of the management of Sleep Apnea, what aroused great interest of the audience.
On the second half of the day there were presented and discussed interesting scientific presentations and researches at 5 scientific sections.
Conference was conducted in warm and pleasant, businesslike atmosphere.


Radix Young Leaders Department members – Ali Aljobory and Ahmed Abdulwahab presented their scientific works too. Section chairman was Giorgi Apkhadze –  General Secretary of RADIX and invited lecturer of University.

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